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Have you ever walked away from talking with someone that you've just met Active listening, in fact, means taking part in the conversation and.
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You quite specifically say "reflecting on the meaning", which I take to mean "to establish that I understand the intent and content of the message" rather than think about the room you're both sitting in. To be honest, this sort of listening is a luxury I very seldom find myself able to afford. I have to sift rambling conversations to tease out vital facts from a huge volume of what is essentially background noise, ensure that what I have gleaned is correct and complete, assess their meaning and provide a functional response in the form of clear and concise instructions.

However, much of the time it's like extracting metal from rock: slow, energy-intensive and not infrequently you find what you got out doesn't recoup the investment needed to obtain it. I understand where you're coming from and it can be a very exhausting process, especially with someone who's extremely long winded, or who feels uncomfortable with silence and has to fill every pause with their words. Since you mention "providing a response in the form of clear and concise instructions" I'm assuming you're referring to workplace communications.

In that case your job must be very stressful! Reading this article has helped me to become a better listener and a better person. Thank youvso much for this wonderful piece of reading. This is exactly why I trained in person centred counselling. There is nothing more valid that the feeling if being heard.

A good opportunity is to use the time my mother will recite the bible this afternoon - a family tradition going back generations - and really listen to the words and reflect upon their meaning for me and for the world. This is an interesting exercise, as all of us are good atheists! The message and the meaning of Love are universal. Happy holidays everyone!

When Someone Really Listens, We Heal

Tips for parents to prepare for their college student's return. A new app allows you to join a live, group meditation class from anywhere. Strategies and Tips for Adjusting to the 'Renovated Nest. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

2. You won't reveal anything you'll later regret.

Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. How We Affect Each Other. Caren Osten The Right Balance. Some tips to help you become a better listener that may change your life. So on the one hand "Can I avoid interpreting this person's experience? I Submitted by Caren Osten on October 5, - pm.

You quite specifically say Submitted by Anonymous on October 6, - am. I get this! Submitted by Trisha Walsh on October 6, - am. Submitted by Dan on October 7, - am. Are you really listening Submitted by Rasmi Hamid on October 10, - pm. I find this tips very interesting and real! Listening Submitted by Rachel on December 23, - pm.

I find talking to someone and getting outside for fresh air helps with symptoms of depression and drink lots of water. Our brains need it.

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Too exhausted and it would take too much effort. I have been writing my feelings in a journal though, which does help.


I agree with your analysis however some people need a certain somebody to show caring affection. Hotlines are usually immediately accessible, FREE and confidential. More and more centers also offer online crisis counseling via live chat on their websites if you are more comfortable chatting online. Coming from a long battle with depression, I have definitely found ways to confide in myself for positivity but sometimes… Well a lot of times , I feel alone and defeated.

It is so hard to find someone who is not narcissistic. I wait patiently and try to support them. I am a therapist in training and this is a big problem, not just for me. There are so many narcissists and they are charming. I think heart to heart connection with a healthy, generous friend goes a long way. Is anyone listening, can anyone hear me? I am very alone especially since mom can no longer hear me. She is Not to be heard. Live far from her, partner is a jerk. Whole situation just sucks. So sorry you are having a tough time.

Do give yourself the gift of taking time to call a hotline and talk about how you are feeling. You deserve to be heard! Best, E. I have a great friend who I text and phone a lot. The other person has to be my current therapist. So obviously she has become an important part of my life and healing. Trust takes time to build especially when it has been broken over and over again.

You know talking to friends as much and as deeply as we need may not be the best. As a psychotherapist I have heard to many people loosing friends because of not knowing how to respond.

Listening to People

I been trying to explain myself to others and this is what I came up with. Locked away by ptsd That gets triggered like the weather change in Florida A rollercoaster of anxiety depression anger and uncertainty of level each one plays. No control of action or choice of words just blinded by the unsettled mind.

My solution to my pain and prison just enslaved to the creed of a few. Who to blame,is there somebody to blame.

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